Polygon Mad Meerkat Airdrop
Rewarding MMB Family with Polygon Mad Meerkat Airdrop
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The Polygon Mad Meerkat Collection is our next step towards our vision of Global Madness.
Continuously breaking limits, the Polygon Mad Meerkat collection represents the determination of all who remain undeterred. No one knows what tomorrow entails but it does not matter in the Madness. There is no better time to build than today.

With a supply of 13,000, there will be airdrops, a whitelist mint and a public mint. Do note that the public mint will only be available should there be any supply remaining after the whitelist mint.
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Enter our Polygon Playground of Madness.
Holders of 1000 $MAD and above will qualify for the whitelist mint.

Whitelist Mint Price: 329 USD Public Sale Mint Price: 399 USD
There are various airdrop and whitelist conditions. All of which are connected to every aspect of the MMB ecosystem (Eth MM, Cro MM, Degen MM, $MAD).
Please refer to these articles which contains key information of all details
and processes from airdrops, whitelist to the mint of our Poly MMB collection.
MM World.
As always, thank you and we’ll see you on the other side very soon.

Mad Meerkat 2022

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