Degen Mad Meerkat
Minting has ended.
Degen Mad Meerkat is available in the marketplace
The Degen Mad Meerkat Collection is the symbol of True Madness within MM.
Loving the thrill of celebrating highs and avenging lows, this is what it means to be on an Adventure like no other. MM has and will always be a movement for those who burn bright in the Madness no matter what happens.

Supply: 10,010
10,000 to be minted and airdropped
10 Legendaries where 2 will be owned by team, 8 will be auctioned.
The Degen Mad Meerkat Collection represents our gratitude to the OG across all chains.
All $MAD raised from the Degen Mad Meerkat mint will be burnt.
Assuming 10,000 Degen MM is sold out by the whitelist round, approximately 357,500 $MAD (USD 5,000,000 as of today’s price) will be burnt forever.
Degen Mad Meerkat will be airdropped to those that hold at least 1 Genesis Mad Meerkat, 4 Cro Mad Meerkats or 5 Treehouses.
Visit Airdrop Page for more details.
Degen Mad Meerkat can also be purchased in the marketplace.
Visit Marketplace for more info.
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Join us in our MAD Adventure.

Mad Meerkat 2022

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